Getting Started


That was a lot of decisions for a barely recovering perfectionist.

My store is officially open and I'm a swirl of opposite thoughts. I've been working on the website and products for 8 months, but I've wanted to have my own catalog company for 12 years. For the past year, I've also worked between 50-65 hours a week between 2 other jobs. I've only been able to use my original faulty brain, so, it's been a roller coaster.  
My brain at 11:18 am: "That would be a funny t-shirt, clever girl!" 
My brain at 3:42 am: "What is wrong with you?! You're ridiculous and you're going to starve to death."

And I'm cussing even more.

I'm so deeply thankful for Shopify, Printful and the geniuses behind e-commerce stores. I am also deeply thankful to the generous folks who posted youtube advice and how-to videos. Eternal love and thanks to my amazing daughter for being my quality control department, model, designer and for letting me vent my countless thoughts/complaints. Click to see her first t-shirt design. Howl Out to friend/artist Holly Andrews for sharing her talents and for unwavering support, and daydreaming and brainstorming with me about all the things we could make. Howls of thanks to Wolf Daddy for listening, supporting and always giving great advice and to Helen Garner who always thinks I'm impossibly awesome. Thanks, Mama. And my long-suffering  BFF, Lynn, who has listened to more than any human should have to, and was my first customer, I would be dead without her. 

I didn't really talk too much about this to everyone, but I have amazing friends and I know all of you would have been supportive also and would deserve to be mentioned.

Like most small business owners, my budget required me to fill every job position so far: website, designer, photographer, graphics, social media, manufacturer, manager, packaging, copywriter, marketing...etc... It's all been really fun, except for all the sobbing to God and to each program that I couldn't figure out to "please, please, help me." 

And this about us section. 

I'm nervous about overextending myself, but really excited about having only 2 jobs. I do allow myself to daydream about only having 1 job at the time of life when most people are daydreaming about their upcoming retirement.

I'm SURE I will sell a total of 2 my friends because they want to be supportive, but the rest is completely unpredictable.

So, here we are!  Working on social media for the past 4 years has thickened my skin somewhat, so feel free to let me know you honestly think or if you have any suggestions.  

Huge thank you for stopping by!  



  • Absolutely Stunning! Loving ❤ this shop! Miss you!

    Jessica M Kandal, PhD
  • iogLjSzF


  • I’m so excited and proud!!! Add me to your list!

    Julie “Cuz” Duncan
  • Beautiful works of art. Love you website and your content. Once I can get so $$ I will definately want to shop. 🤗🥰💖✨

    Leona Moore

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