September Soul

     Well, so I just got this new keyboard so I was checking to see if it worked and stuff. Half of my life is spent trying to figure out what is wrong with the tool I am trying to use. But, this worked right away. I’ll try not to let it spoil me into entitlement to working tools.  Something will stop working later, so I can take comfort in knowing at least that one thing about life.

     And I’m practicing how to not double-space after a period. I don’t even know when that happened. Sometime while I was living in the woods with no electricity - when everything else was happening up from which I am catching.

     September wakes up my soul. Is it biology helping me with extra energy so I can collect some food before the supply all dies or rots? That’s not the fun answer, but everything goes back to biology, because we’re living things and while we are, we naturally try to stay that way. We don’t have time to talk about why right now.

     I want to my descendants to know I was thinking about them right now. GamGam loves you and wants you to not be sad. I hope by the time you were born that the Hoarder Gene was suppressed in your DNA. If not, well, dagnabit, Sorry. 

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